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Not a state MP in sight, but Doncaster rail advocates have their debate anyway by Anna Chisholm

Manningham residents went head-to-head in fierce debate over Melbourne’s eastern transport network at last night’s Doncaster Rail Community Forum, despite being snubbed by their State Government MPs. Read More

Manningham Council continues its fight for a rail line to Doncaster by Anna Chisholm

Manningham Council has not given up the fight for Doncaster Rail, despite the State Government’s delayed release of the final phase one Doncaster Rail study. Read More

Doncaster rail advocacy group to present petition at State Parliament by Anna Chisholm

A Doncaster Rail advocacy group will today present Spring St with proof that Melbourne commuters have not abandoned Doncaster Rail. Read More

Doncaster Rail link in 2031, according to study

Doncaster Rail is close to 20 years away, according to the State Government’s final report of Phase One of the Doncaster Rail study released yesterday. Read More

Mixed findings in Doncaster rail report

Manningham Council has welcomed the long awaited release of the Doncaster Rail Study Phase One Final Recommendations Report but has expressed reservations regarding some of the report’s findings. Read more

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